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We are delighted to continue our support for East Sutherland Athletic Club, by providing them with their vests.
We wish them all the support and best wishes for their current season.

The Club has gone from strength, to strength. In last year's North District Cross Country League, they were the overall team winners, receiving Gold in the; under 11 boys, under 11 girls, under 13 girls, under 15 girls, under 17 women and under 17 men sections. They also claimed silver in the under 15 boys!

Good Luck to you all.




With January almost over, we thought it best to review the market and tailor our ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ to providing you with even better service and advice.

You may recall that, we ended the December 2012 Newsletter on a rather subdued note, with the average house price in the Highland region seeing a dip of 2% (£168,293 in 2012 compared with the 2011 figure of £171,134) and the total house sales seeing an increase in November by 1 (from 91 in 2011 to 92 in 2012).

The Highland Solicitors Property Centre (HSPC) have released their Monthly Newsletter which shows quick stats on the December property market (as compared with 2011).

Sellers will be pleased to note that, the year ended on a better note with average prices in December rising to £182,328. This was reported to be the highest monthly average since July 2008, up 15% on December 2011. We note that there tends to be fluctuations on a monthly basis, so we’ll keep our eye fixed for the January stats (February Newsletter)

There is good news for the HSPC site. They report that the Highland property market is continuing to perform above the Scottish average. At £168,259 the average Highland house price for the final quarter of 2012 was 9.7% ahead of the Registers of Scotland average house price for October of £153,370.

While prices in the Highlands continue to hold up reasonably well, sales continue to be constrained by the same factors that are affecting the market throughout the UK. Rather disappointingly, the total sales for 2012 fell marginally, ending the year 1.6% down on the 2011 figure.

Despite this, there is still a great deal of interest in the Highland property market. The HSPC website exceeded views of 100,000 for most months during 2012 and we are told enquiries are continuing to run at record levels, which indicates a strong pent-up demand. The downside is that, buyers are still struggling to raise the substantial deposits required by most mortgage lenders, while other buyers lack confidence in their own financial prospects.

Sarah Woodcock, Manager of HSPC states:

“It is quite clear, from the high level of enquiries we receive every day at the HSPC Property Centre and throughout the website, that there is no shortage of potential buyer. There are also plenty of people who want to sell...”

“...what is needed to get the market moving is to tackle the issue of mortgage supply and the substantial deposits that are now required. The Scottish Government has instigated the MI New Homes Scheme, with the aim of making 95% mortgages available for new-build house sales, but this only addresses the issues in a relatively small proportion of the total housing market.”

For further information on the topic discussed please visit:

HSPC website

MI New Homes Scheme



With Christmas fast approaching and the 2013 "New Year" festivities beckoning, this is a great chance to reflect upon the events of the year.

The Highland Solicitors Property Centre (HSPC) have released their Monthly Newsletter which shows quick stats on the November property market (as compared with 2011).

We are all aware of the current recession and so will not be too surprised to note that there has been a decrease in the property market, with the average house price in the Highland region seeing a dip of 2% (£168,293 compared with 2011 figure of £171,134).

Towards the summer months trends tend to pick up and whilst this has been true for 2012, we have found the market to remain far from buoyant. We anticipate this was due to the rather poor summer weather and therefore fewer house visits, not to mention the lack of available funds from mortgage lenders and an increase in chain link transactions.

All this seems rather doom and gloom however, there have been positive impacts reported. The number of online property insertions, onto the HSPC website, has increased by 3% (77 compared to 75 in 2011). The number of visitors to the website has seen an increase by 9% with unique visitors from outside the UK increasing by 6%. House sales have also seen an increase in November, albeit by 1 (from 91 in 2011 to 92).

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